Renaissance Doomworks Studios
RDVOX - Advanced Voxel Pack for use with SOFTWARE renderers


ZDoom - based sourceports established themselves as the world standard of advanced mapping, using new actors 3D floors, slopes, ACS Scripting, voxels, lights, models, and many more features. ZDoom version of RDVOX may be played in any renderer, but highly recomended to use with software one.

Less popular doom sourceport written on Delphi, but it is developing quickly, and already supports it's own standart of mapping, using 3D floors, slopes, advanced scripting language Pascalscript, actordef(semi-decorate actor defining language), Dynamic lights, high quality 32bit Software renderer and many others.
RDVOX 0.38
RDVOX 0.37
RDVOX 0.36
RDDVOX 0.36 Alpha
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