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Donate any sum - help RDVOX, and it's author to survive in sieged Kharkiv!
Yes, i am from Ukraine. I live in Kharkiv all my life. It was one of the bigest, and one of the most impressing cities in ukraine, until russian occupants began this war. Now half of my city - destroyed into ruins, but a lot of people are still here, trying to survive. So am i, and my family. I lost any way to earn money when this war began. I tried to find the job in different places - in supermarket, on the post, in few other small markets, but managers of all those places say "not needed"
The only hope for me now is You support. If you want to support me - just transfer some UAH to my card:

5355 5712 5213 8607 (Mastercard, UAH)
Bielousov Oleksandr

If you have some issues with transfer:
Just try to transfer using WISE.COM or if you have problem with transfer to my card.

This is not an advertisement! My friend used PAYSEND a lot of times, to pay me money for 3D models i created for his projects.
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